Team Mates with Warren Downey

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Published on June 29, 2014 with


Timmy Durney Hurling 2014 (2)

Warren receiving the Timmy Durney Cup earlier this year

Best of luck to the hurling team and management in the semi final of the league on Tuesday night. They play Kilcock in Moorefield at 7.30pm

Thanks to the captain Warren Downey who answered our latest ‘Team Mates’ feature for us.

Come out and support the team!



Who was your childhood hero?

Muhommad Ali / John Fenton


Who’s your best friend on the team?

Paul Dawson


Who’s the tough nut of the team?

Jimmy “The Anvil” McMullen


Who’s the quickest?

Paul Dawson, when he is running away


Who’s the Joker/ messer of the team?

James Donnelly, Not funny when he is running tho!


Who’s the most skilful? 

Dave Carroll, Kilkenny!!


Who’s the most intelligent?

None found yet!


Who’s the least intelligent?

Niall Kenneddy, Just look at his tattoo


Who’s the best trainer?

Nicky McCormack, Kilkenny!!



Who’s the worst time keeper on the team?

Niall Kenneddy, Better late than never


Who is the best dancer?

Mark Sexton, some mover when there’s women about


Who is the worst dancer?

James Donnelly, he would want plenty of beer for it


Who’s the best player you have played with?

John Finnigan, He’s getting younger


Who’s the best player you have played against?

Joe Deane


Who’s the biggest whinger on the team?

Niall Kenneddy, the night that the light was broke on his car.


Who’s the worst dress sense?

There are too many to list!


Who’s the laziest trainer?

James Donnelly, He just happened to have Man Flu the evening we were in the Curragh


Who’s the biggest poser?

Paul Dawson, He is probably the only one with a dress sense


Funniest nickname on the team?

Knacker, Fecking Hell!


Who spends the longest getting ready after training/match? 

James Donnelly, Slow at everything!


Finally, who’s the manager’s pet??

 John Finnigan, By Far