Team Mates- Brendan Mc Mullen 2014

Thanks to Brendan Mc Mullen for answering some questions about his hurling team mates. Brendan has played football and hurling with Moorefield at all age levels. He has returned to the hurling team and the age of 35 is still one of their most influential players.

Best of luck to the hurling team and management in the Intermediate  Championship final this Sunday.

Brendan Mc Mullen (35) Full Back/Full Forward Bank Official Favourite Player- Jackie Tyrell

Brendan Mc Mullen


Player’s Profile

Brendan Mc Mullen


 5ft 11″

 Full Forward

Position you would like to play: Anywhere once I’m on the field.

Favourite club player: John Finnegan (Pure Class)

Favourite county player: Jackie Tyrrell

Biggest influence on your football career: My parents and 3 brothers

Mc Mullens

The Mc Mullens

Best advice someone has given you: Only let him by you once.

Best grounds you’ve played in: Semple Stadium

Best player you’ve ever played with: Phil Hayden

Best player you’ve played against: Brian Mc Fall, Antrim

Sporting hero: Brian Whelehan of Offaly, legend hurler

One county player you’d like to see play for Moorefield: Gerry Keegan

Career high: Having been able to win championships in both hurling & football at numerous levels.

Career low: Getting injured at the age of 30 & missing almost 2 yrs of sport.


Getting to know your Team-Mates

Who’s your best friend on the team? They’re all good friends.

Who’s the tough nut of the team? I reckon myself or Christy Reilly

Who’s the quickest? Paul Dawson. 

Who’s the Joker/Messer of the team? Dawson & Jamsey Donnelly.  

Who’s the most skilful? John Fingers Finnegan.

Who’s the best trainer? Jamsey.

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team? Myself.  

Who is the best dancer? Mark Sexton.

Who is the worst dancer? Jamsey.

Who’s the biggest whinger on the team? Jamsey.

Who’s the worst dress sense? Christy Reilly. 

Who’s the newest member to the team? Paddy Maher back again like myself.. 

Who’s the laziest trainer? Myself again never one for training. 

Funniest nickname on the team? Gummers . 

Finally, who’s the manager’s pet?? Paul Dawson



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