Captain’s Profile- Jake Delmer 2014

Congratulations to the Under 12 hurling team and management on their victory on Friday night.

Division 3 League Winners

Moorefield 10-9 Kilcock 3-4

Thanks to Jake Delmer, captain of the team, who answered some questions for us.

Date of birth? 08/08/02
Position? Midfield
Started playing hurling5 years old
First trainers Nicky Mc Cormack
Favourite Moorefield Player?Jim Mc Mullen
Favourite hurling playerJoe Canning
Best game ever played in?Semi Final against Confey
Biggest influence on your life? My dad
Best advice someone has ever given you? No matter how bad the game is going you play your best.
Best ground you have ever played in?Croke Park
Favourite sportAll GAA Games
Who's your sporting hero?Aidan O'Shea
Favourite music/ movie?

Avicii 'Wake Me Up'
Mrs Brown's Boys


Who’s your best friend on the team: Sean Maher, Aaron Martin

Who’s the tough nut on the team: Sean Maher, Chelsea Horgan

Who’s the quickest: Rory Scanlon and Killian O’Shaughnessy

Who’s the joker of the team: Aaron Martin

Who’s the most skilful: Rory Scanlon

Who’s the best trainer: My dad Justin Delmer (Manager) Aaron Martin ( Team mate)

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team: Sean Maher

Who’s the best player you have ever played with: Rory Scanlon

Who’s the best player you have ever played against: Morris Curtin (Rathangan)

Who’s the newest player on the team : Denis Downey

Who’s the oldest player on the team: Justin Delmer!

Who are the top scorers: Aaron Martin and Aidan O’Brien

Who’s the managers pet: Shane Delmer

Well done lads- Great game!

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