Captain’s Profile- Paul Dawson 2017


Thanks to our Senior Hurling Captain, Paul Dawson who completed our latest feature. The hurling team launch their championship campaign tonight against St. Columba at 7.30pm in Conneff Park, Clane. Best of luck to the team and management.




Captain’s Profile

Paul Dawson: 7-4-1988

Height: 5’9

Position: Midfield

First time playing hurling: 5

First trainer: Donal Fleming

Favourite hurler: Henry Shefflin


Paul and his Dad


Biggest influence: My father and from a young age the Kilkenny hurling team were just amazing to watch

Favourite music: The lads who travel with me to games should know. Too controversial to make public



Best advice someone gave to me: John Finnegan told me to change how I held a hurl when a ball came towards me…. shocking since I was 26 at the time but it has worked.

Best ground I’ve played at: not many big named ones but Cusack Park, Westmeath

Best player I’ve played with: I’d like to name a few before I do. Gavin Sunderland and Dave Smyth were both huge for the club when we had them but I have to say John Finnegan’s influence on and off the pitch alone and his ability to read the game is just brilliant we are lucky to have him. And he’s 55!! Joking 😂

Best player I’ve played against: I’m not giving that away

Career high: Championship 2010- hopefully another one to add this year

Career low: losing back to back finals 2014,2015

Getting to Know the Team

Best friend on the team: I like them all believe it or not but Dave Carroll and Mark Sexton would be my closest friends
Toughest team mate: Christy Reilly is a nut case and Niall Moran takes serious hits in games and just runs them off, so those two for me
Quickest on the team: it use to be me but Tommy Walsh and maybe Banjo.. Niall isn’t too slow either
Joker of the team: Gummers always makes us laugh with his excuses (broken tiles) private joke In group chat!
Most skilful on the team: Catching is a serious skill and Dave Carroll has that wrapped up
Best trainer: The ones who never miss it so 11 of us
Worst time keeper: Gavin Sunderland still holds records for that
Best and worst dancer: we don’t drink so I don’t know
Biggest whinger on the team: I secretly am but I keep it inside but I’ll just say Jamsey because he just is!!
Worst nickname: Gummers gummers gummers
Manager’s Pet: Niall Moran… Matt has a soft spot for him

Who needs boots to play hurling?

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