Hurling and Camogie Presentation Night 2018


Team Awards

Hurling 2018

Hurling 2018

Hurling 2018

Hurling 2018

Hurling 2018

Under-9 Spirit of Hurling Sean Coleman

Under-9 Spirit of Hurling Gearoid Clare

Under-10 Spirit of Hurling Cian Roche 

Under-10 Spirit of Hurling Conor Moylan

Under-11 Spirit of Hurling Jack O’Donohoe

Under-11 Spirit of Hurling Rory Cummins

Under-12 Spirit of Hurling Shayne Heffernan

Under-12 Spirit of Hurling Nathan McAuley

Under-13 Spirit of Hurling Conor Price

Under-13 Spirit of Hurling David Hamilton

Under-15 Spirit of Hurling Jake Smith

Under-15 Player of the Year Conn Keogh

Under-16 Spirit of Hurling Sam McGuirke 

Under-16 Player of the Year Sean Maher

Rory and Ciarán

Congratulations to Ciarán Mulvey  who is the second recipient of the Davy Dennis Cup. The Cup honours the memory of a Cork man who came to work in Newbridge in 1954 and joined Moorefield because the club was “committed to entering hurling teams in the championships” and he perceived Moorefield as having a positive attitude to our traditional field game. Ciarán received his award from last year’s winner Rory Mc Grath.

Ciarán won this award as he is gets on very well with all off his peers and everyone likes him. His attitude to training and improving his skills is one of the best, he hates missing training and he always gives it everything. For this commitment and effort he was made captain of the under-15s this year. He always handles himself with integrity and confidence and always has a smile on his face. Ciarán plays hard but fair and he is never cautioned by referees. The harder the challenge, the harder he works which will always guarantee excellence. He is a well deserved recipient of the Davy Dennis award. Well done Ciarán.


Thanks to all of the players and families who joined us for our Underage Camogie and Hurling presentation night!


A massive thank you to all of our hard working camogie and hurling mentors! We’re very lucky to have such great volunteers. Enjoy the break! 


Join us on Friday 9th November at 7.30pm for our Underage Camogie and Hurling Presentation Night… We’re celebrating another great year! All underage teams and their families are invited. 

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